Private Reformer Pilates Dundalk

"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference,
in 20 you will see the difference and
in 30 you will have a whole new body."
A quote from Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method.

I am so pleased to be offering Private Bespoke Sessions on the Pilates apparatus including the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and TowerAt first glance, a Reformer Pilates studio looks like a medieval torture chamber, but once you begin to use each piece of equipment, your perception will change, with the odd flashback when your muscles protest certain exercises!

The Pilates apparatus is adjusted for each individual using it. This allows me to set it up to suit your body perfectly, meaning that all the work you do on it will be extremely effective, providing enough resistance to build strength while increasing flexibility.

reformer pilates dundalk

My philosophy is to teach the body that is in front of me. Even if you’ve never stepped on a Pilates mat, my goal is for you to perform Pilates to the very best of your ability.

Whether you are rehabbing an injury, an athlete wanting to prevent injury, pregnant/postpartum or an older adult wanting a low impact workout, the Pilates apparatus can be safely tailored to your individual needs.

For those of you who work out with me, I want you to feel good about your body and your body to feel good. Your back will be less tight; your hips will be less tight; you’ll be open in your upper body; you’re going to feel toned; you’re going to feel more relaxed. You’re going to feel amazing!

Bespoke Programme:

Reformer Pilates Dundalk

Private training elevates the experience of Reformer Pilates by focusing exclusively on your personal goals.

All packages include an initial email consultation where we will talk through your goals such as weight loss, increased strength and flexibility or simply wanting to feel fitter and healthier.

I design your programme solely for you and this will be continually tailored to your specific needs, goals and body type to get you into your best shape with as much life balance as possible.

I pride myself on the highest level of support for each of my clients. At each session, I watch your form and provide objective feedback on performance and give hands-on instruction. I will challenge you to work through your barriers but I will keep it fun and interesting!

How to get started:

Reformer Pilates Dundalk

If you’re just getting started out with Reformer Pilates or the apparatus, I recommend booking a single session here. During your session I  introduce you to the Pilates equipment while leading you through a full body workout which is appropriate for your needs.

Afterwards, I'll recommend the best options for you to meet your goals. You can avail of my various packages to save on your sessions.

Need some help before booking anything? You can contact me here or via my Facebook page or Instagram Direct Message and ask me any questions.

reformer pilates dundalk

Gift Vouchers Available

Give the benefits of Reformer Pilates to those you love. They can try out A one to one sessions in my private studio and see and feel the difference that Pilates can make for themselves.


Meet Your Trainer

Hi, I am Emma McAtasney, a Personal Trainer since 2009. I earned my Pilates credentials through BASI Pilates, a highly respected college-level Pilates teacher training programme which aim is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the Pilates Method to the highest calibre.

In addition, I hold the BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies Certification, a Physical Therapy approach to working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. I am also a Precision Nutrition Coach and pre and postnatal specialist.

I help my clients by guiding them to make small manageable changes that long term have a huge impact on their quality of life!

Emma McAtasney Reformer Pilates Dundalk