EMMA_STUDIO_228 Pilates & Barre, Dundalk is headed by me, Emma McAtasney, a qualified National College of Exercise & Health Studies (NCEHS) Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, a Level 3 Pilates Instructor, a Barre Concept Licensed Instructor and a Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor.

I have a lifelong passion for fitness and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the whole process whereby people transform their lives and adapt to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. My aim is to use my years of experience and knowledge to motivate and assist you in reaching your fitness and health goals.

My results oriented classes are aimed at both beginners and experienced enthusiasts that wants to dedicate an hour of their week to working hard, having fun and achieving profound results. Taking part in classes will help you establish realistic goals, be it reaching your ideal weight, toning and sculpting your body, rectifying postural alignment, increasing cardiovascular health, building strength or improving athletic performance. With dedication and consistency the results you will achieve over time will transform you both physically and mentally.

When I began instructing full time I had to directly focus on nutrition. As an instructor I simply have to eat nutritionally dense food in order to keep my energy high and to maintain muscle mass.
Initially I created my blog in order to have my favourite healthy recipes in one place and easily accessed for when I need them. I didn’t share this with my class members initially. I felt it should have a ton of recipes and much more information. But listening to my clients I thought to myself, why not share my own recipes with everyone? Doing just that encouraged me to post more recipes, a win win!

A lot of clients ask me specifically about weight loss, there is so much information available from magazines, books, tv and the internet. It can be overwhelming! I wanted to deliver a source of information that was clear and made it easy to incorporate healthy eating into their lives without disruption and delivered results, no fluff. This led to me creating my Nutrition Plan. It was initially intended to be a small handout for my class members that would be supplemented by the blog. But I knew that wouldn’t satisfy me or them. So it became a full guide.

I look forward to training with you and helping you on your journey to fitness and health!!!
Emma x

Emma McAtasney holds the following certifications:
• European Health and Fitness Association, EQF Level 4 Exercise, Health Studies & Personal Training with Qualifications in Step Aerobics and Spin Cycling
• Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management (QCF)
• Level 1 Wellness Coaching from Wellness Coaching Australia
• Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork (CYQ Level 3) with Pilates for Pregnancy and the Older Adult
• Pilates Reformer Certified
• Advanced CPD in Modern Postnatal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming
• BarreConcept® licenced instructor
• Freestyle Fitness Yoga licenced instructor
• Yoga Tune Up® Licensed instructor
• iMoveFreely qualification