Complimentary Online Programme

How to Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

You will know if your pelvic floor is weak or tight
Learn How to do a Kegel Exercise correctly
Learn How to Release a Tight Pelvic Floor
Learn which Lifestyle Factors Affect your Pelvic Floor Health

What is Included in my Pelvic Floor Exercises Programme?

  • Learn how to use embodied anatomy techniques to find where your pelvic floor muscles actually are and how to correctly find and activate them when performing Kegel Exercises.
  • Checklists of symptoms to know if your Pelvic Floor is Tight or Weak
  • Learn breathwork techniques and relaxation poses which help release a tight Pelvic Floor
  • Learn how habits such as toileting, your diet and how stress and anxiety impact upon your pelvic floor and how to improve this often forgotten about factor in Pelvic Health.
  • Learn what you can do today to begin managing a Prolapse. 
pelvic floor exercises

You can sign up for my Pelvic Floor Exercises Programme at the top of this page and learn all you need to know to protect and care for this incredibly important part of your core.
And if you are a Pilates lover, I have two 30 minute Pelvic Floor focused classes available for €9.99 at the bottom of this page.

Who is behind this Pelvic Floor Exercises Programme?

My name is Emma McAtasney, and I am a perinatal exercise specialist who helps women live better in their bodies and take charge of their future health and wellbeing.

Over the last 11+ years of studying and sharing this work with my clients, I have witnessed that optimal alignment, strategic self-care, and therapeutic movement are a powerful tools for helping women overcome pelvic health related problems and become the catalyst for their own healing.

Women often think of Pelvic Floor challenges as part of the “motherhood package, ” and this leads to pelvic floor disorders often going unreported. I want other mums to know that we can do more than just buy incontinence pads! Much more!

Sadly, many woman will suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction during some stage of their life. From incontinence, painful intercourse, low libido, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). vaginismus and organ prolapse. All the way through endometriosis, fibroids and chronic pelvic pain, as woman we are not offered many lasting solutions when it comes creating pelvic floor health.

My aim with this Pelvic Floor Exercises programme is to deliver empowering education about your pelvic floor so you can pro-actively take care of your pelvic health for years to come!

Emma McAtasney Pilates Dundalk
On Demand Class

Pilates for Pelvic Floor €9.99

I created these two 30 minute classes to provide my clients with safe, therapeutic movement for their Pelvic Floor health at an affordable price point. I really enjoyed putting these classes together and since then, I still use the movements regularly in my own workouts to maintain my own pelvic health.

How to Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

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