Zoom Barre Sculpt Classes

The Precision of Pilates with the grace of classical ballet.

Barre Sculpt  is a total body workout that delivers a full workout for the areas of the body all women struggle with: abs, hips, bum, arms and burns fat in record-breaking time.

My Barre class incorporates the precision of Pilates, with the positions, moves, and grace of classical ballet, plus the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body.

My non-impact, one-hour workout uses both the ballet barre/chair at home and the mat and targets all major muscle groups. The result is the recognizable Barre body, featuring defined arms, strong flat abdominals, a lifted behind, sculpted, elongated thighs and a more youthful body appearance. Beginners to both Pilates classes and Barre classes are welcome. No dance experience required either, this is not a dance class.

I qualified as a BarreConcept® Instructor due to the high demand for such classes on an international level and inspired by their high celebrity following and endorsement. The original Barre technique is closely linked with Pilates and aims to target muscular strength, tone, rectify postural issues and address weight/inch loss while sculpting the entire physique. In 2019, I added BootyBarre to my qualifications to expand my Barre repertoire.

Booking Details:

  • Classes are 8pm Irish time. Class is 1 hour long.
  • Fee: €10, payment is required in advance to secure a place.
  • Suitable for beginners. Previous Barre or Pilates experience is not a requirement.
  • Spaces fill very quickly, so book in as early as possible.

You can sign up via my calendar below (or click this link). If you have any trouble booking in please contact me via my Facebook pageInstagram Direct Message or email.

Terms & Conditions:

I operate a busy Pilates studio where my classes are always in high demand. Before confirming your booking, please ensure you will be able to attend as I will not be able to facilitate refunds after the class.

Are there any contraindications or health risks?

Normal common sense contraindications apply: if you’re reeling from a virus, have just broken a bone, sprained a joint, or undergone surgery, I recommend you prioritise rest and healing. Beyond that, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding a condition you have. When you come to class I invite you to tell me what injuries, aches and pains might be currently activated as that helps me to tailor my assistance to you.

Started with the pregnancy pilates classes which were brilliant, I had a quick labour and delivery on my first child and I think the classes really helped with that.

Started Barre after that. It is amazing! Emma pushes you which is great. I have a flat tummy, toned arms and legs and great flexibility thanks to Emma. Classes are always fun. Studio provides a perfect workout environment.

Fiona McGuinness

I did the six week barre class. It was a great workout and I could really feel my legs burning but in a good way, the classes were really enjoyable and Emma is a great instructor!

Stephie McNally

I am so happy I discovered Emma's classes. I am doing Barre and I just love it. You must try, you will definetely love it!

Carmen Monforte

I just finished my course with Emma & I'm delighted with the course. She's a fantastic teacher! Can't wait to start my next course with her.

Ekaterina Petrova

I've been attending Emma's BarreConcept® classes for about 7 weeks and have to say she is amazing! She knows just how to push you that extra little bit - you feel the burn in every class but the results are totally worth it. I love the way Emma mixes up the routine too so it's never boring. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Andrea Kealy

Barre is an excellent workout. Gets the body super toned & builds flexibility. I really enjoy Emma’s classes, as Emma ensures you are pushing yourself & working your muscles properly so that you get the best workout! Plus the new studio is fresh & clean love it.

Geraldine Kieran

A must for anyone trying to fit into their favourite jeans . A feel good class with positive energy.. Emma is one of the best fitness Instructors I have ever encountered. You will ache a little the next day, especially when you’re laughing, but as Bear Grylls is fond of saying, ”If it’s easy it’s not worth a damn”…

Helena Franklin O’Neill

Really enjoyed your classes. Thanks Emma, you are amazing teacher

Svitlana Dullaghan

I attended Emma's Pregnacy Pilates course last year and found it so relaxing and beneficial. It was an hour to focus on myself and helped me prepare for my impending arrival.

After I had my daughter I returned to Emma's barre concept class. I was 6 months postpartum and I haven't looked back. Really enjoy the classes and it's helping me regain my pre pregnancy composure and have even more flexibility now then I did before. I would highly recommend Emma's classes.

Emma Harkin

May I say after 3 weeks of this class my body has changed. I now have a noticeable waist and defined arms. My butt has lifted too! Try it ladies, I didn’t change my diet, just did a few workouts with Emma and people have said to me how I have slimmed down.

Caroline McElroy

Highly recommend Emma's Prenatal, Barre and Pilates courses. Emma is great at differentiating during class based on individual needs. I found Barre excellent post-pregnancy and beyond - it's gentle enough on the body as affected by pregnancy (if you've had a baby-no further explanation required!) but challenging enough to tone, strengthen and help you get back to yourself, when you feel you're ready to.

Having being used to mostly large work-out classes, I found the smaller class size great, more personal and you won't be exposed to any manoeuvres you shouldn't, thus improving rather than worsening any existing injuries and, of course, preventing any new ones. Her studio has nice soft lighting with mats and shelf storage for belongings/shoes available too. All classes attended have been very enjoyable and I really feel the benefit for days afterwards!

Annette McBrien

Excellent alternative to your normal workout, would definitely recommend. Thanks Emma!

Mary Lavin

Do you regularly attend sports massages/physio to prevent or treat an injury?

Take a look at the KNOTTY or NICE: Self Massage Workshop. I now treat my own muscular tension and aches which result from teaching my classes, working at my laptop, gardening etc. I use my Therapy Balls nearly every day now, I love them!

Meet Emma:

I am Emma McAtasney, founder of a boutique Pilates studio in Dundalk, Ireland. BASI trained Pilates instructor, BarreConcept instructor and prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist.

I developed the Body After Baby Core Restore Programme with the aim of helping women with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues get back into shape after pregnancy!

I love working with successful, courageous women from all over the world – like yourself – to give you clear, applicable information, support you in truly creating core strength, fall in love with your strong and healthy body and focus on living your best life!

Together, let’s create a lifestyle that gives us health and happiness for a lifetime!